Ostrich Eggs

TYPES of Ostrich Eggs

The small egg is called the test egg (which is the first egg a female will lay). This egg is not fertile, because it has no yolk. The female will break this egg with her breast bone, and eat the egg for calcium.

The deformed egg is formed due to a lack of calcium, or if the bird was disturbed during the laying process, or if she had an unbalanced diet.

The ostrich egg is oval with a glossy, porcelain-like shell, pitted with hundreds of pores. The eggs vary in shape, size, weight, and shell structure and shell porosity. The average size egg is 13cm x 16cm and the weight ranges between 1.1 and 1.9kg. The shell is about 2-4mm thick, and is able to bear a weight of 120kg.


  • One ostrich egg has the mass of approx. 25 hen’s eggs
  • An ostrich egg can be hard-boiled within one and a half to two hours.
  • It can provide a meal for 18 persons when scrambled.
  • Even though it is now the largest bird’s egg, it is, in proportion to the bird’s size and weight, the smallest.